My First Beauty Review – HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50

Okay, let’s admit it, Malaysians. We are probably so used to our hot and humid climate that we tend to skip the sunscreen altogether. Thank God and cosmetics manufacturers all over the world for coming up with various products that are mostly enhanced with sun protection features. I’ve seen products with SPF as low as 15 to something as high as 100 plus!

Anyway, not too long ago, one of my girlfriends told me that she’d be launching her own cosmetic brand and I couldn’t be any more happier for her. If I had a rich husband or something, I’d probably launch something of my own too, haha! So, this wonderful woman fondly known as Nai among family and friends just shared with me her HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50 for me to test out. 

So, my first impression of the bottle was “It’s PINK! My favourite colour!” 

HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50 (HIAS Losyen Pemutih dengan SPF50)
Credit: HIAS

Then, came the real test, the lotion itself. I was quite impressed with the texture, scent and immediate whitening effect it had on the back of my palm. Some lotions tend to be rather watery (for better absorption, I assume?) but this one was just nice! 

“I went to see the chemists a few times just to get the texture right, Auntie!” she quipped over brunch. “I think they were probably ‘menyampah’ (annoyed) to see my face already!” 

How to feel ‘menyampah’ with this face? You tell me! But please ignore our zero makeup look, we just completed an hour fast walk at KLCC!

Ms Paris’s verdict is out!


HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50 (HIAS – Losyen Pemutih dengan SPF50)

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Price: RM49.90 (50g)

What it claims to do?

  • Instant whitening upon application
  • Fast-absorbing texture that is non-sticky for regular use
  • Waterproof for those who love the outdoors and water activities
  • Suitable to use as makeup base with high content of Vitamin C & E
  • SPF50, high enough for the Malaysian sun

After one week of using it

  • Yes, it does brighten the skin upon application
  • Bingo, all creams and lotions should be fast-absorbing, who has the time to wait?
  • The rose scent is amazing! I generally dislike anything rose-scented, except a bouquet of fresh roses. Rose-scented cosmetics usually have this overpowering smell that I’m not too crazy about, but this is just nice!
  • I haven’t gone outdoors much nor enjoy the pool during this MCO, so I can’t vouch for that
  • As for the makeup base, my skin is already oily so I doubt using a sunscreen lotion with SPF50 is the right choice (the higher the SPF, the oilier it tends to be, by the way)
  • However, it’s perfect for every other part of the body. I love how it works wonders on my neck and hands (yes, I usually neglect these parts!)
  • SPF50 for Malaysians? Yes, this would be great especially for those with very fair skin to avoid sunburn

Also, another plus point is the fact that HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50 formulation is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH/KKM). Usually this has always been a major concern among Malaysian users. So, here’s a way to check if HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50 and its MOH status. 

Visit the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (click) under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

And fill up the reference number and voilaaa!

This is how it should look like every time to check out a product’s MOH status! Beauty hack, ladies!

In fact, you can check the status of other cosmetics or pharmaceutical products with the link above. 

Where to Get it?

You can order yours now via Instagram: @hias_berhias or Whatsapp: +60172422362

From 8 to 14 July 2020, enjoy FREE delivery with a purchase of 2 bottles of HIAS Whitening Lotion with SPF50.

So, let’s ‘berhias’ with HIAS, ladies! 


Paris Ashiqin

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I’m just automatically drawn to anything PINK!
Credit: HIAS


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