Off with the Bucket List – 5 Things I Must Do After MCO

Hey, peeps! 

We all have a long bucket list that’s just waiting to be ticked off one by one. Trust me, my list has gotten so long that I couldn’t bother ticking it off after a while. 

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Anyway, the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) following the COVID19 global pandemic has certainly changed the way we look at life, hasn’t it? I mean, four months ago, we didn’t think what started in China could have this much impact across the globe. 

So, it also got me thinking, what if I continue to procrastinate now, I’ll never be able to tick off my bucket list? I mean, I haven’t had the best health track record in the recent years – chickenpox hitting my adulthood when most people have had theirs very early in their childhood, dengue that left me cocooned in the room for 2 weeks and the most recent case was Influenza A H1N1 which until today, I couldn’t decide, whether I contracted it at the malls or in the public transportation. Now you understand whyI take my life and health very seriously. 

COVID19 – Not a laughing matter!
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Anyway, while enjoying quarantine at home a few weeks ago, I just had this thought of at least ticking off 5 items from my Bucket List once MCO is over. Or at this point of time, the recovery stage of MCO. 

So, what are the 5 things?


After my old didn’t take off, too many issues and I experienced a ‘meh’ moment, so I decided to just let it die and plan a new one soon. So ‘soon’ never came until recently when my Tech Mambang forced me to pursue it. In fact, Tech Mambang was the one who initially proposed ‘Wow, It’s Paris’ but somehow I didn’t want to oversell myself and decided to take a ahemmm, humbler approach.

And here it is, finally my blog is reborn as ‘Hey, It’s Paris’. 

I’ve always loved writing and that is something that you can see from my long-ass captions on the Social Media, especially when I’m bashing stupid stalkers who leave nasty comments on my PERSONAL space. Anyway, let’s be realistic, it’ll be hard to juggle everything at once, but I’ve promised myself to start with 2 posts per week at least. 

But hey, I’ll put some of my blogger friends’ websites as well on my landing page because I believe in pushing each other up instead of down. Ooops, too positive? Sorry, babes, I’m biologically wired this way!

When I’m in the zone, I just want to work on my laptop and type away…
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Ohhhh, do you have any idea the amount of time I spend everyday just to do my eyebrows? 30 friggin’ minutes! And only if I didn’t ruin the shape. Or else, I’ll have to redo THE WHOLE FACE from scratch because I can’t be painting the eyebrows without fixing the powder and all right?

Actually, this is something that my friend/neighbour/mentor, Dessy Barnaby and I have been planning for years! Yes, you read it right, YEARS! We sometimes share photos and stories of people who look so amazing with their permanent eyebrow tinting or embroidery or even the natural powder treatment done. We’d stare at them envily and keep planning to ONE DAY get ours done and save a hell lot of time from painting and using too many products every day. Eventually Daddy Barnaby, yes, Kevin, Dessy’s husband had enough and just told her, “Either you wanna get them done or not!” 

Okay, boss! So, Dessy booked her appointment at one of her trusted brow artist and asked me to come along … errr… I was there for emotional support, I guess. Yes, we women are like this. 

I told her, I’d like to try the natural powder eyebrow treatment (which is cheaper too!) after her microblading. So, photos of my eyebrows before and after will be shared soon, peeps!

Imagine cutting 75% of makeup time with permanent eyebrows tinting!
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Lifestyle Class

Yes, for most who have known me personally, I’d say, I’m an active gym member. Just because my body doesn’t show it, that doesn’t mean, I don’t love the gym. Hey, I usually spent an hour on the treadmill at least pre-MCO and I was at one point one of the hottest girls around (in my circle of friends, at least!), LOL! 

So there’s the gym and then, there’s something else that I’d like to join. And no, it’s not Zumba. I think only my gay friends and the ‘makcik kerajaan’ love Zumba so much. I’m not gonna comment on ‘makcik kerajaan’ but if you had seen my gay friends in Zumba class, you’d cower and sit in the corner of the dance studio … QUIETLY! Their graceful moves? Aaaahhh, they got me thinking, am I even a woman?

Anyway, I’ve signed up for this one class recently and have attended two sessions so far. I honestly enjoy this lifestyle class and I don’t mind waking up early on a Saturday to get ready and travel halfway across town to attend it. 

What class, you might ask? Mmmm.. let me get my body and desire to commit to sync first before I share more okay?

Can’t wait to unveil what I’ve been working on!
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Oh, yes! This will definitely ensure my reservation to hell, as most Malays would say, but I honestly couldn’t care less. I’ve always been fascinated by many forms of body art. I’d get my henna done during Eid, Deepavali and even sometimes, when I feel like it over the weekend.

I have friends who have scary and cute tattoos and I love the way they explain about the story behind each tattoo. It’s always so fascinating. For years, I’ve always wanted to get at least one. Maybe a big dragon on my back. Or a tiny butterfly on my chest. 

If I don’t live in Malaysia, I’d probably go for this look!
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And one of my girlfriends, Els has a few tattoos across her body, nothing too scary. Just tiny, cute ones. She and I have been talking about getting our tattoos done since last year and we never made it to the ink studio, LOL!

So, this time, I’m definitely gonna go and see what’s the fuss about. Although some friends will object, yes, yes, it’s not the most Islamic thing to do, but I feel I’m allowed to do something for myself. 

Els and I have already booked our slot and we just can’t wait to get them done together. I’ll share more once it’s done. 

One of my girlfriends who loves getting her ink done, Els!

Charity or Non-Profit Causes

You know, going through a long period of quarantine made me realise how short life is. While we’re chasing our own dreams and ticking our bucket list off one by one, have we thought about others who may or may not get to fulfill their dreams?

Besides, having worked in the media industry for over a decade, I just remembered just how little I’ve contributed back to society. So, I’ve done a lot of thinking and I guess, the next step to take in life is to be part of something bigger. 

So just a few months ago, I saw an ad on Facebook about this HIV/AIDS initiative called Take Charge Today and I decided to apply as a contributing writer. I figured that maybe my experience in the media and some personal stories can help to increase awareness among youngsters in Malaysia. 

Why HIV/AIDS? Well, it’s easy! You don’t have to be HIV positive to care!

Come and help us out at:


Paris Ashiqin

Let’s do our part, people!
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