MBO during MCO – The First Movie Date in Months!

I usually plan my weekend with lunch or dinner that’s packaged together with a movie. Whenever we’re feeling frivolous, we’d go for a movie marathon. 

But that was before the Movement Control Order (MCO) following the COVID19 outbreak. 

Trust me, I’ve probably watched too many movies on Netflix that at one point, I just could sleep through some of the movies that I used to love. The feeling of watching a movie at the cinema is indeed a comforting kind of luxury that I afford myself every weekend after a full week of work and gym. 

So, when the Malaysian government announced entertainment premises to reopen under strict SOPs, I quickly texted my friend, Oliver to start checking for tickets. Finally, the much dreaded weekend arrived and he decided to watch ‘Bloodshot’ starring Vin Diesel. 

Just another superhero movie…
Photo Credit: FlickeringMyth.com

Okay, girls, I personally do not find him sexy or whatever, me being the late Paul Walker fan. Yes, that’s how I love my boys, blond hair and blue eyes! Anyway, Oliver has always loved action flicks, I’ve always been quite open with my movie genres. So I thought, why not! 

We went to MBO at The Starling Mall in Petaling Jaya. We’ve always loved this place because the cinemas are spacious and the cafe has nice coffee. So yeah, the SOPs were pretty standard, there was the QR code to scan and also a camera to detect your face to record your temperature. And naturally, a big bottle of hand sanitiser for you to pump and use as often as required. 

Stepping into the cinema hall was amaaazing! 

Because there were literally four of us, including another couple who chose to sit in the standard seat row, while Oliver and I sat on a different couple seat to follow the strict Social Distancing protocols. 

Go play far-far, Oli! The Malaysian way of saying ‘keep your distance!’

Aaaahhh, I could lie down and sleep, haha!

Enjoying the couple seat on my own feels great!

And indeed I nearly fell asleep. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to diss Vin Diesel, but I’d rather go back to Netflix and watch The Last Witch Hunter than this movie. It was a combination of a few movies I’ve seen before. Like ‘GI Joe’ when talking about nanites, or Total Recall and The Island when talking about planting memories and a bit of Minority Report, you know, trying to find out the mastermind behind all those incidents. Aahh, yes, I sort of figured out the plot after the first 15 minutes and upon seeing Guy Pearce! Haha! Remember his sneaky and sinister character in Prometheus? Yup! He gave me that vibe in Bloodshot too!

So, yeah, the movie was bad but the cinema experience was great! Now I can be selfish throughout RMCO! Woot woot! Besides, MBO sanitises at least 3 times a day and in between shows, so the rest is actually up to us on how best to stay vigilant. 

Next movie, please!


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