One-hour full body massage for only RM100 at Synergy Therapy & Spa, eCurve

Oooohhh, this is one of the little luxuries I afford myself from time to time – a full body massage! 

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Sadly, that was before the Movement Control Order (MCO). Although the spas and wellness centres are allowed to open, generally regular people like you and me still have doubts to go. 

Until last weekend, just after my lifestyle class, haha! Nope, still not sharing about it yet. I was making my way from lunch to the MRT station when I came across this – Synergy Therapy & Spa offering a one-hour full body massage at only RM100! 

I saw this spa just as I was heading to the MRT station!

Yes, the doubts were gone! Poof! → sorry, all it took was a little more convincing for my pocket!

So, I immediately went in to enquiry for the service and agreed for a full body massage. I truly felt that I deserved that treat considering what I had gone through for the past months, MCO or not. 

Ladies (and gentlemen), you will love it from the very first step you take. The waiting area was gorgeous and dimly lit for comfort and sense of privacy. Let’s start with washing off the feet shall we? 

Kindly enquire within…
Comfy, don’t you agree?

Then, I was given a pair of sandals and shown to my own private room that was spacious and voila, equipped with a shower, should I need to wash off the oil residues later at an additional RM30 per session. 

Anyway, I took off my clothes and prepared myself to be pampered from head to toe. Now, how shall I describe the feeling? Oh, it started off from my tight shoulders and back. Even the masseuse (sorry, I was rude, I forgot to ask for her name, yikes!) commented that I must haven’t been going massages for a while. True that, since MCO basically. 

Seeing this got me so excited!

Then, the masseuse started kneading all over my body, applying pressure when needed and always checking with me if I was comfortable. The legs were a bit tricky though. I noticed how ‘hard’ my calves and feet felt under her skillful fingers. She told me that I could be having problems with my digestive system. Mmmm, don’t we all, living in Malaysia?

By the way, do you know that you have the option of getting your tummy massaged or not? Yes, some people can be ticklish but not me, so go, knead those stubborn fats around my tummy awayyy!

After the massage, the kind masseuse gently wiped away any oil residues all over my body and allowed me some time to get dressed. So, yeah, how did I feel immediately after? Like a tonne of weight being lifted from my shoulders and I was just enjoying the pampering session. 

It got me wondering, if I should start reviewing more spas and wellness centres for the Hey, It’s Paris Blog in the future. What say you?


Paris Ashiqin

I can’t wait to explore more spas soon!


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    1. hahah, babe, you memang kena g spa selalu babe! Penat mengacau wajik pagi2! Tambah2 bila i order banyak and minta you tolong deliver, hisyyy! Patutnya I belanja you spa session satu!

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