Going (to) Blonde to meet Blonds

My friend, Ruby (yes, the one who introduced me to Hanie Rusli’s wajik) and I have one of the healthiest girly relationships ever. Ruby is so amazing and supportive and I’ve always loved listening to her and sharing my side of the stories with her. We’re totally two different people, I’d say but I could say she is one of the best kind of friends.

(Featured Photo Credit: Blonde by Serai Group Facebook)

So, with the Movement Control Order (MCO) and people are practising Social Distancing and stuff, it has been quite a while since we managed to meet up and have our nice girly session. Finally, she agreed to meet up on a Saturday and picked me up from class. Of course, while I can’t share with you yet about my class, Ruby was more than excited when I told her about the class and this blog, haha! See? Girlfriends should always support each other instead of dragging each other down. If you have a friend like Ruby, then this is the kind of friendship that you need to hold on to. 

My awesome Ruby Rais!

Anyway, Ruby wanted to take me to dinner at this place called ‘Huckleberry’ at Bukit Damansara but sadly, the place was crowded so we walked around to the compound to look for a place to have dinner. Surprisingly, despite the MCO, there were so many people filling up the cafes and restaurants there. 

So, Ruby showed me this nice restaurant called ‘Blonde’, managed by Serai/Jibby & Co Group. There was quite a crowd so we waited outside for a while and started taking photos. Well, just so you know, Ruby is one of those super nice girlfriends who will only take flattering photos and not complain if you don’t like the shots. But there’s nothing to complain about because she always takes my most flattering angles. 

I’ve gone blonde before, but I’ve never gone to Blonde, LOL!
(Photo Credit: Rabiah Rais)

She had a craving for cheese cake and I was hungry from my class, so I ordered pasta. I’ve never been to Blonde before so I was actually quite excited to try out a new place to eat. The ambience was nice and rather romantic with the nice decor and lighting. Even their choices of furniture were amazing. Definitely an Insta-worthy place to come! 

I was just only surprised that Ruby’s pistachio cheesecake took a while to arrive, even my duck breast slices were getting cold. But we weren’t surprised. There were at least three different birthday parties sitting around us that after our first round of meal, we decided to sit outside for some quiet, haha! I have no issues against birthday celebrations, but even three one after another got a bit too much.

With me, you can’t go wrong with a little quack quack on the side!
My ever so amazing friend who always keeps me positive and strong with her kindness!

So, I told Ruby about the Hey, It’s Paris Blog and she got so excited that she started showing me some of the contents that she really loves. Ruby believes that if I really put my mind to it, I can create engaging contents. Then, came the next important question, “Who is YOUR audience?”

“Easy,” I told her, “People who come to eat here at the Blonde Cafe” and we both laughed. 

And we ordered the rosemary and seasalt sweet potato chips as we continued chatting. We called our friend, Hanie Rusli and joked that we have been bitching about her. Ruby also told me that some of her friends missed me too! Awww, you sweethearts! You ladies are amazing, so continue to be amazing!

Sending a little love in a caffeine shot!

My overall feedback on the Blonde Cafe, yes, it’s so nice for a first date or a weekend lunch with friends. I’ve only tried some food, I should come back to try some of their popular dishes. I was just wondering, so where are the blonds? Particularly, those with blue-eyes. Oh, yes, just like my favourite boys!

On another note, while Ruby was helping me to take photos for my blog, I saw an acquaintance who has been asking me out for the past 2 years, with another girl, holding hands. I actually called him and when he answered, he asked, “Where are you?” Well, definitely NOT next to you, haha!

And on our way back to Ruby’s car, I saw one of my favourite blue-eyed blond guys with his girlfriend having dinner at another restaurant. My thoughts were, ‘Ahhh, they’re still together. Boohoo!’ Like I mentioned in one caption on Instagram, “Is nowhere sacred from exes and unrequited love in KL?” 

Read this review in Bahasa Melayu HERE!

p/s-the first guy was neither an ex nor someone I had a thing for, btw! Just a friend of another friend whom I’ve encountered a few times. But the Blond, yes, I wanna have his baby if possible! Hahaha!


Paris Ashiqin

Dear Ruby, I hope to be your friend for many, many more years to come! Love you ALWAYS!


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