Life is so much sweeter with Hanie Rusli’s wajik

I just love our traditional desserts, especially something savoury. While I’m not too crazy about sweet types of dessert, I do indulge with the more uncommon sinful pleasures including labu sira (pumpkin boiled in sugar), tepung pelita (I don’t know how to explain this other than the fact that it is a type of traditional pudding that you usually see served during Ramadhan) and naturally, wajik (glutinous rice pudding cooked in palm sugar). 

(Featured Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)

My friend, Ruby is a real deal sweetheart. While it’s quite hard for us to meet up like most friends, we just never forget each other. Ruby is the kind of person who also loves to involve me in some of her amazing projects. KL Fashion Week? Yes, that was Ruby! The weekend hiking trips pre-movement control order? Yes, that was Ruby too! Sometimes I wonder if I have been such a terrible friend because Ruby is without a doubt one of the nicest and most generous people I know. 

Ruby (centre) is one of the sweetest people I know!

So, just before Eid, she texted asking for my address. No matter how many times I’ve told her not to send me anything, she insisted. When I finally relented, a nice package of dodol was personally delivered by one of Ruby’s former college mates, Hanie Rusli. She was such a nice lady, former architect-turned-businesswoman. We chatted a little and that was when I found out that Hanie also makes wajik

Ooohhh, dodol!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)
One of these boxes minus the floral decoration has 16 tiny sampler boxes in them, perfect for sharing at work – RM30!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)

Oh, my sweet Lord! Ms. Paris and wajik! It’s a love-hate relationship, I tell you. While I love the sweet taste, I hate what it does to the figure. So, I decided to give Hanie Rusli’s wajik a try. You see, it’s actually quite hard to find a decent wajik. I almost always find it at weddings. Even that, it’s still quite rare because I don’t usually like going to weddings. So if I attended your wedding, count your blessings! You may see a celebrity at your wedding, but you may not see me at all! LOL! 

One of these small containers sells at RM15 each!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)

The next time, Hanie came over with my bulk order of wajik, I was more than impressed – by the taste, packaging and price too. In fact, it gave me the idea to order some for my media friends with my own personal branding. Hanie agreed and came up with this customised card, which was simply amazing!

Isn’t it cute?
(Photo Credit: Instagram @HanieRusliOfficial)

To date, I’ve probably ordered so many boxes of wajik and I have to admit, Hanie truly ensures the quality of her product every time. The taste is consistent, never too sweet nor too bland. Even the texture is just perfect! Well, I’ve had my (un) fair share of chewy/hard-ish wajik but this one is edible at every single scoop. 

Hanie also told me that she doesn’t add any preservatives in her wajik, so one needs to finish eating within 3 days to ensure the freshness of the wajik. Aaahh, yes, this is a lesson I learnt the hard way – I left one portion too long at the office that I began to see whitish fungal growth. Yikes! So sayang

One of these sells at only RM25 only. I usually order one for myself! Yippiee, to the gym we go!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)

In fact, family and friends have also enjoyed Hanie Rusli’s wajik that some begin to order for themselves. I’m just so happy when others are happy. Also even happier when a blogger friend, Kolin Zainal also promoted the wajik after Hanie sent two boxes on my behalf. You can read her review on the wajik HERE.

Kolin seems to enjoy it too!
(Photo Credit: Instagram @KolinZainal)

I even joked with some friends, they can redeem the Promo Code: KAWANPARIS (Paris’s Friends) to get discounts when they text Hanie via Whatsapp: +6019-755 0584, LOL!

By the way, Hanie also offers more decorative packaging if you’d prefer. Let’s say something suitable for wedding gifts or other special occasions. Here are some photos to inspire you. 

Read the review in Bahasa Melayu HERE!

You have to admit, this is simply gorgeous!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)
And this is even more gorgeous!
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)
And the winner is….
(Photo Credit: Hanie Rusli)


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