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If you don’t know me personally, you might think I’m a wild girl doing even wilder things out there. Well, before you start judging me or someone else because of the way we dress or the kinds of things we do on a regular basis, then you might want to take a step back and think twice. 

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Recently, I was invited by a dear friend of mind, Vanitha Krishnasamy, Founder/Brand Strategist at AdMy Concepts to become one of her guests on her web programme called ‘Raw & Uncut’ to talk about sexual harassment. Vani and I went way back to when I was writing for a magazine and she was one of the PR’s who always sent me an invitation. 

The amazing Ms Vanitha never forgets to send me an invitation and all of her events were amaaaazing! Oh, yes, that was one that I attended with my former partner.

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO), everybody has started focusing their energy and attention to anything digital. So, after her webinar series with the GoGlobal Network has come to an end, she launched this one to discuss matters that people rarely speak about openly. In Vani’s own words, “Raw & Uncut: Where we unclutter, chew & spit the truth. Hear Real Stories from Exceptional People”. 

So, for the first time ever in all the years that Vani and I have been friends, I finally arrived at her doorstep in Mont Kiara, LOL! As usual, we PR Girls got tonnes of things to share before the actual recording started. Since it was Vani’s first time hosting a guest face-to-face, we went crazy checking for the best well-lit angles and stacked up boxes and books and pillows just to ensure the laptop was high enough to flatter our curvaceous bodies during recording. 

I suppose we made quite a duo talking about sexual harassment on Raw & Uncut

Jokes aside, I have experienced my fair share of sexual harassment. In fact, it started when I was a mere teenager by MY OWN COUSIN! But I’m not going to spoil the ‘Raw & Uncut’ episode, so you’ll have to watch it yourselves. Vani posts the videos every Wednesday and Saturday. So, here’s mine. WATCH NOW!

Oooh, this looks great!
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Sexual harassment is not a new topic that suddenly made the headline today. It has been raised, debated over, discussed widely and included in the Malaysian law under the Employment Act 1955. Then, what seems to stop us from voicing it out and demanding for justice?

The loopholes!

In fact in a webinar session organised by Sisters in Islam (SIS) and All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) not too long ago, the speakers confirmed that the process from reporting to taking action is indeed a long, winded one. Some people refuse to go through the hassle just to report one case. Some people have probably stopped believing in the system. 

Trust me, some male friends have faced sexual harassment too!
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So, what can we do to stop sexual harassment? 

I personally believe that we need to educate our children on the most respective way to behave towards BOTH men and women. Although sexual harassment involves mainly women, men too get sexually harassed by others. 

And what can we do about the adults?

Re-education! Trust me, re-educating them is not going to be an easy task at all, particularly if these adults have grown accustomed to a certain set of behaviour that makes them believe that they can get away with things. Sexual harassment is not a joke nor a joking matter. You can’t just say, “I was just joking” when the other person starts to feel uncomfortable. 

You might’ve remembered an earlier post when I wrote about a foreigner taking my photos in the LRT. Read about that horrible experience HERE

Also, stop judging the way other people dress and accusing them of ‘encouraging sexual behaviour’ or ‘inviting predators’. Nobody wakes up in the morning, adding ‘sexual harassment’ in their wishlist. If you cannot accept the way people dress, then look away. Don’t stare, don’t mock and don’t you dare to humiliate that person in public! Even if you feel the need to say something, say it with kindness. 

Stop sexualising EVERYTHING!
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In the end, sexual harassment is a crime. It’s about time we make our country, home, workplace, anywhere at all safe again. 

Special thanks goes to Vani for allowing me to share my story to a larger audience. Perhaps Vani was right, I should start sharing more stories on my blog. Who knows, it might help those who have experienced the same… even better, my blog may help to save those from experiencing sexual harassment. 

Read this article in Bahasa Melayu HERE!

Vani is an inspiration!
Meet the Fab Vani on set!

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(Photo Credit: FB Vanitha Krishnasamy)


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