Oh, myyyy! The Wagyu steak melts in your mouth!

The Pearl Kuala Lumpur did it!

Hey, peeps!

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So, the much-anticipated dinner event finally happened on September 3, 2020, at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur and I was just too happy to be there, although slightly late because of the heavy rain. No, not Malaysian time, it was the Malaysian weather!

(Thank you, Canva PRO!)

Anyway, it was so nice to meet my friend, Ms. Nora the PR Manager at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur who invited me to this exclusive dinner. It has been a while since we last met. I suppose the last time was during their Ramadhan review last year. She has always been a real gem with her bubbly personality and interesting insights on things especially the hospitality industry.

With the amazing Ms. Nora of The Pearl Kuala Lumpur!

So, while waiting for my plus one, yes, who else could I drag to dinner events like this other than Oliver, Ms. Nora and I sat at the rooftop to enjoy the spectacular view from the lesser hectic side of Kuala Lumpur, at least not travelled much to by moi! It’s nice to see the KL city view from a different perspective once in a while. It also serves as a reminder in life that sometimes, you just need to take a step back and review things from a different perspective. Okay, let’s not go too deep here. We can save that for another entry. 

Because Ms. Nora is so petite, I wore my not-so-high heels that night! Thank you for the warm hospitality, Kakak!

Oliver was being unfashionably late, I really didn’t like his new olive green shirt. Really, babe? Anyway, at least he was presentable! So, we started off with a nice serving of Creamy Truffle Mushroom Soup, followed with the Cured Salmon Spring Roll and the Flaming Coconut Curry Mussels. Oliver loved the soup, while I had a lot of fun admiring the mussels’ presentation. Like literally served in a coconut, haha! And wondering, which presentation was edible and which was just for-show! While enjoying the savoury flavour of each mussel, I was already thinking, “Ooh, how good this would taste with piping hot rice!” —> Okay, that was too Malay, eh?

The mussels were delicious!

Finally, the real deal test – the Wagyu! You see, when we first booked our table, Oliver and I were initially quite skeptical after our last wagyu experience at a so-called household name of wagyu in Kuala Lumpur. Ms. Nora convinced us that The Pearl Kuala Lumpur’s wagyu was good. She even suggested that we could order one wagyu and one lamb if we were not too keen. But we decided to just take the chance and order two Wagyu’s! 

The wagyu was good! This photo isn’t though! Yikes!

Oh, my! This has got to be one of the best Wagyu steaks I’ve ever tried. I mean, all those food channels and foodie reviews talking about how a wagyu was supposed to taste like… all those descriptions of how the meat was supposed to melt in your mouth because of the evenly distributed fat marbles… oh, yes! That was exactly what we experienced at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur. 

The General Manager, Mr. Gan informed us that the wagyu was imported from Australia. FYI, the Australian Wagyu Association is the largest breed association outside of Japan. In fact, in Western Australia’s Margaret River region, the cattle feed actually consists of red wine! Read about that HERE! Talk about classy!

The friend who always shares his food with me… until that night at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur!

So, I asked Oliver, “You always give me your food, are you gonna give me your Wagyu?”

He asked back, “Do you want some of mine?”

Doy, yes!

He laughed and said, “Not this time, babe! This is just too good!” And just for the record, Oliver is the picky eater between us so if he says it’s good, then it must be really good! 

Other than complimenting on how good the Wagyu was, his only feedback was, “Eh, got rambutan?”

Honestly, after the satisfying, melt-in-your-mouth, possibly red wine laced dinner, the next gastronomical experience was a blur. What? There was free wine? What? There were coffee and cake afterwards? What?

We went home, still talking about the Wagyu along the way.

So, congratulations, The Pearl Kuala Lumpur! That dinner was amazing! What wine? We slept that night, dreaming of your Wagyu!

Read this review in Bahasa Melayu HERE!


Paris Ashiqin

I swear, after the Wagyu, everything else was a blur!
Special thanks to The Pearl Kuala Lumpur!


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