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Cutting Down Carbs Week 2

So, peeps, how was the week-long journey of cutting carbs?

Yes, I understand, it must be quite a challenge! Especially when we see people around us eating nasi lemak for breakfast, nasi campur for lunch and satay for dinner. Even writing about those cuisines makes me so hungry.  

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But remember, we just need to do this for one month first and see how things go. 

To be thin, well, it will take a while, but to be fit, we can start right now!

Not sure if eating like a goat makes a difference to your body, but I believe, I’ve lost 300g of fat and gained 500g of muscles, which is actually really good for me considering that I could barely focus at the gym last week. I didn’t skip gym a lot if that’s what you’re wondering, but I swear, I just couldn’t run next to someone who started to smell like rotten zombies after a 5-minute run. Yikes! What’s happening to my nose?

So, yes, I’d retreat to the ladies section at my gym and just do my own stuff. Sometimes, just 40 to 50 reps of squats and another 40 to 50 reps of situps. Then, either I go running again or do some weight training. 

Now that it has come to the second week of cutting carbs. Let’s see what green adventures I have this week. 


Well, I still stick to my usual bowl of oats. Only this week, instead of boiling eggs to make egg sandwiches, I opt to spread some low-fat cream cheese. Yes, this week, I have a sudden hankering for something cheesy. Hence, the option. 

Or alternatively you can put a slice of cheese on your wholemeal bread!
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Going green this week brings me to choosing rocket salad and baby spinach! Rocket salad, which is also known as arugula has this sharp taste that goes extremely well with the smooth taste of baby spinach. 

I love how arugula can add such a tasty touch to almost everything!
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As usual, I’d top them with cherry tomatoes and chicken breast. Only this time, I added two tablespoons of pesto sauce. Told you, I’m feeling cheesy this week. Just don’t overdo it though. Yes, pesto sauce is indeed healthy and good, but it still yields oil and cheese in it. 


As for dinner, I still stick to a glass of warm milk and a small bowl of yoghurt with fruits. However, in case I get really hungry, I just eat a slice of cheese. 

Milk helps my body to recover after a good workout too!
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So, I’m giving this combination a try and see how I progress next week! Woot woot!


Paris Ashiqin

Okay, when will I have the time to make this fancy yoghurt?
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