My Sarawakian Tribe

Reunion after 8 years

When I was a journalist, I attended a basic production course in KL and was introduced to Momoi, full name: Zuriana Kedri from Sarawak. We sat together in class and we worked together on several group projects. 

This was our first photo together, Momoi and I!

I’ve always had a strong connection with Sarawak and I can’t even explain why. Some of my good friends are from Sarawak. I’ve dated a few guys from Sarawak including Oliver, but now he’s just a good friend who becomes my personal unprofessional and unpaid photographer when we hang out. 

So, back when we were attending the 3-month course (yes, it was that long), we bonded really well as we worked our asses off to complete our tasks because the third wheel in our group was, well, the third wheel indeed. As in nobody really remembered what she contributed in the end. 

I’m flying like the pigeons of Sri Aman, she shouts!
Don’t ask what this was, but this was really fun! Thank you, Abang Sugiman and Abang Siddiq for helping us with this!
Momoi and moi!
Yup, that was me 8 years ago in the studio!

Naturally after 3 months of working and hanging out, both of us cried our eyeballs out when it was time to say goodbye. We stayed in touch, still texting each other from time to time. 

Until just recently when she texted that she was coming to attend another course. 

Our first photo together after 8 years! Yes, I brought Premium Wajik by Hanie Rusli as a gift and a big packet of muruku for her and Nanie to enjoy while watching TV at night!

So one day I just dropped by with some sweets to surprise her at the course. It has been 8 years since we last met so we had some time to catch up before she continued her class after lunch. She even told me to take a nap at her hostel while waiting for her to return. 

Momoi introduced me to Nanie, another friend from Sarawak. Very nice girl! No wonder Momoi wanted me to meet Nanie so we could all hang out together. 

Meet Wan Nanie, the latest addition to my Sarawakian Tribe!

Okay, just to be clear, I tried not to be a boring tour guide for my Sarawakian Tribe. So, first we dealt with the necessary thing, buying food supply so my girls wouldn’t go hungry at night. The next day, just after my class, I took the girls out to buy equipment for their tasks at Lowyat Plaza, where all IT-related gadgets are sold. Followed by a walk from Lowyat to Pavilion KL with lots of photos in between. 

We even stopped at Al-Amar to buy ice cream and were pranked by the peddler! Hahaha!

It was a fun Girls’ Night Out with Momoi & Nanie!

The next day, I took Momoi and Nanie to visit another interesting place. So, stay tuned!

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