PAKU STORE – DIY your own clutch!

Hey, peeps!

Remember when I promised my Sarawakian Tribe an unforgettable experience in KL?

Well, I’ve actually signed us up for a DIY workshop to make our own clutch purse with PAKU STORE

So, let’s take a step back into the past and reminisce how I first became acquainted with the PAKU STORE brand. It started last year in 2019, when I received another invitation from YBhg. Datin Amelia Hassan, one of Malaysia’s fashion designers (you may find her designs at Metrojaya, by the way), to attend the KL Fashion Week. 

My friend, Ruby was working with Datin Amelia Hassan so, Ruby has been getting me invitations to the KL Fashion Week for a few times now. Anyway, last year Ruby told me she has a surprise for me. The surprise came in the form of the cutest Nolee Bag by PAKU STORE! It was such a gorgeous handbag that even a few celebrities who attended the event asked me about it. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? The Bolee Bag, not me!
Once upon a time when being a frontliner did not refer to COVID-19!
A close-up of the Nolee Bag!
So, you wanna be a model, Ms. Paris?

Anyway, as a way to express my gratitude, I asked Ruby if she can get me connected to the owner of PAKU STORE, Miya Hamid so that I could get her featured in the media for sponsoring the gorgeous handbag to complement my all-white look at the KL Fashion Week. 

In the studio just after the media feature.

Anyway, fast forward to present time, I saw Miya has been promoting her DIY workshop and I thought what better way to give Momoi and Nanie an unforgettable yet girly experience other than this. So, I signed up and on Sunday, we arrived at PAKU STORE boutique at Kota Damansara. 

And the girly adventure begins.. 

Wan Nanie was so excited, she recorded a tutorial too!

So, the ever so lovely Miya Hamid explained how she founded her PAKU STORE with her mother. Apparently, PAKU which is a Malay word for ‘nail’ (the tool, not the ones on your fingers and toes) was short for Personalised Accessories Ku. ‘Ku’ here means ‘my own’ or ‘mine’. 

The technique to make our own personalised clutch is called ‘Cut and Fold’ so basically, we can make this cute fashionable addition to our style without even using a single thread for sewing. 

Momoi began to trace the marked holes on the stencil paper onto the PU leather.

Miya laid down a few items and tools needed to make our own customised clutch. We started off by making holes on the stencil paper so we could trace them back on the strip of PU leather and start punching holes on the leather. We also made tiny marks along the border of the stencil paper and cut the PU leather following the template made.

Miya patiently showed Ms. Paris, how it was done! Okay, noob!

Now, this was our favourite part! The hammering! Basically, we used the stencil paper as a guide to punch holes into the PU leather. Since PU leather is thicker than paper (duh!), so you may need extra force to ensure the holes are nicely punched. Strike hard or else you may have to repeat the process and see not-so-flattering frills around the holey parts. Think of The Hulk! Or think of some stupid faces who piss you off, then you’ll find that strength to SMASH!

(GIF Credit: Tenor)
It’s hammer time!
Bismillah, first, Wan Nanie!

Now that you have made the holes and cut the PU leather, it’s time to button it up using… well, buttons (silver snap button closures) and rivets. Miya showed me the different types of rivets used, she even said, “Look, Kakak, we have the male and female ones! I think you know why they’re called that”. Was that supposed to be a naughty joke? Wink wink! Apparently, as explained by Miya, the same terms were used in her fashion classes. Ahaaaa, I see! Dirty-minded me!

So, apparently buttons also come in both sexes… Ahaaaa…
Now, attach the buttons and rivets….

Miya explained, you can gently ‘massage’ the PU leather to soften the texture so it will be easier to fold when you need to use the press machine to snap the buttons and rivets shut firmly. Or else, the clutch will snap open and out comes all your treasure, ladies! Or Heaven’s forbid, your tampon or pad! Yikes!

Say ‘hello’ to the press machine… and Momoi!
It can get a little tricky to press the buttons and rivets shut, but don’t worry, the PU leather won’t tear! Unless, you are in fact She-Hulk!

Once all rivets and buttons are attached, it is time to ‘paku’ in your PAKU STORE label on the flap. Next, your personalised wrist strap with your name on it! Just be careful when using the screwdriver and hammer to gap the silver ring to attach your wrist strap. 

It’s almost readyyy…
Look what I’ve got here, shouts Wan Nanie!

Now your own PAKU STORE clutch is ready! Woot woot! 

Okay, it’s time to strike a pose around the gorgeously renovated PAKU STORE boutique with the even more gorgeous hot mummy of one, Miya Hamid herself. 

Meet Miya Hamid, Founder of Paku Store!

Thank you so much, love, for inviting us over to your boutique! We sure had lots of fun hammering and pressing the buttons shut. That was our workout for the entire Sunday!

Don’t mind us, we just love taking photos!

Interested to spark up your Girls’ Day out?

Then, sign up for the DIY PAKU Workshop

Read this article in Bahasa Melayu HERE!

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