Body shaming in Malaysia!

Why self-love matters ….

Hey, peeps!

If you have been following my Social Media, you’ll understand that I’ve been struggling with weight issues because of the Movement Control Order (MCO). I’ve always been one of those who prefers to work out at the gym. Trust me, even at the park, I don’t feel safe from perverts and judgey eyes. 

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When the gyms were allowed to operate again under stricts SOPs, I’ve been posting photos of my regular gym visits and the kind of workouts that I do, usually running for an hour and some basic strengthening routine. I love going to the gym to run because that’s the only time I can catch up on my TV stuff or movies and get ideas for work. 

I know I may not be as committed as most gym-goers, but when I go, I make sure I run for an hour at least!

Anyway, not too long ago, some Malay idiot posted a nasty comment on my Instagram, stating that I’ve gained weight and needed to go to the gym again. 

“Like F*!” was the first thing that crossed my mind.

And it was a little later when I realised that this idiot has been sending me direct messages, asking me out. He even knew I used to go to the Celebrity Fitness Gym, Mid Valley branch! So, immediately I knew that he had been following me for a while. 

This is the idiot who body-shamed me on Instagram!

Anyway, I refused to let one Malay idiot tell me how my body should be because let’s face it, only the Malay guys have been very disrespectful towards me so far. I’ve been receiving complaints like my ass is too big, my boobs are too small, my skin is too dark, my chin dimple is fake and the list is endless. So, I did what I do best, showing him and other Social Media followers that I will FOREVER be fabulous by just being myself. 

You see, a lot of Malaysians are very judgemental when it comes to body image. While they support and adore plus-sized models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence, they haven’t been too kind towards their Malaysian friends. Sometimes, I just feel like passing out whenever I read nasty comments left for Malaysia’s own, Sharifah Sakinah

I don’t understand why an advocate of healthy living gets so many nasty comments.
(Thank you & please follow, Sharifah Sakinah!)

For me, it’s simple, if you don’t like someone, just unfollow or stop paying attention. Why bother becoming the bad guy in the story who is also foul-mouthed? Or, foul-fingered, since most comments are made online. 

And in that Malay idiot’s case, wow, did he really think by being mean to me, I’d actually reply to his DM’s and say yes? It was obvious that he didn’t read my captions carefully. Ooops, it just dawned upon me, maybe he didn’t go to school and learn English because most of my captions are written in English. 

Anyway, after several posts that were clearly sending him and other body shamers a message, he actually deleted his DM’s which he sent earlier. Oh, yes, I can be quite threatening but in a sarcastic, funny way that only my circle of friends understand. Besides, I know the law. Body shamers in Malaysia can face a year prison time or be penalised up to RM50,000 or both when found guilty. 

“YOU are beautiful!”
(Thank you, Canva PRO!)

So, I actually posted something along the lines of although it may take a few lifetimes for that idiot to pay a RM50,000 fine, I’d rather see him in jail. Once you have a criminal record like this, imagine how the future draws up now! Probably there isn’t any for him if he continues to bother me and other women with his distasteful comments. 

Finally, I decided to block him. I know, people would ask, why didn’t I just block him immediately? Well, if I did without posting those messages against body shaming, would he learn to stop? I’m sure, I wasn’t the only woman he body-shamed on Social Media, hence the posts. Probably other women replied to his comments and DM’s. Well, sorry, hun, not this woman. I’ve got better taste than YOU! 

Seriously, what has our society become these days? If you don’t like something, turn away. Nobody asks you to keep following or connecting with those people whose physical traits you don’t like. Why do you even care if someone is bigger or thinner, taller or shorter, fairer or darker than you? 

Back when having a curvaceous body earned me a hosting stint on CapitalTV!

Some of my girlfriends shared the same concerns. One girl whom I personally find so beautiful keeps asking me if being plus-size is the reason why this guy she has been dating for more than a month not taking the next step in their relationship. I just told her, “It’s NOT your body, it’s his brain! He must be an idiot not to like someone like you!”

Another one who feels that she is extremely skinny said that people always mock her due to her size. I just told her, “I’d be happy to have your size, babe! I don’t have to worry about spending RM100 extra at plus-sized dress shops for an extra 2-inches of fabrics”. 

So, I’m a bit on the heavy side, so what?

Even another friend who works for a radio station was told that if she could shed off some pounds, she’d look great on TV. Yikes! I dare that person to say the very same line in Oprah’s face and I’d be more than happy to record Oprah (or her assistant) bitch-slapping that person. 

So what, if I have a bit more pounds here and there? Can’t I like my dark, tanned skin? Does it bother anyone that I only fill up a B/C-cup bra? Even my hottest boyfriends never complained about my physical traits. I’ve been mistaken for an Uzbek, Mexican, Peruvian and even half-Chinese before! I even got discounts at the airport when the salespeople thought I was a cabin crew. 

So, it’s impossible that I look that bad!

My famous Uzbek Adras dress! I had people speaking Uzbek and Russian to me that night, haha!


Paris Ashiqin

Too young for me, but … I know some of you ladies find this Uzbek boy a hottie! So, enjoy!


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