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5 products that REALLY help to reduce scars

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I understand that with the number of COVID19 cases on the rise, we’re bound to feel more stressed out again. The first time, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced in March, most of us were stuck at home, unable to leave home unnecessarily. In my case, I got so stressed out, zits started popping like mushrooms after the rain. 

Anyway, during the early stages of MCO, one of the places that was allowed to open was the pharmacy, so I took the chance to try out a few products to reduce the scars on my face. Trust me, the journey was not as easy as most people experienced. In my case, I needed to ensure that whichever products I chose suit my oily-combination skin. 

Seriously, ladies, this has got to stop!

Just to save your time and money from trying all the products I’ve bought, so here are the top 5 items that really helped to reduce scars on my face. 

Feel free to cleanse and tone your face with whichever products that are already suitable for your skin type. We’ll talk about the choices of cleansers in another entry but first, the scars! A gentle reminder, I’m not a dermatologist. All products shared here are based on my personal experience. So, are we ready?

If you thought I was kidding…

Q: Is it safe to use chemical peeling?

Well, basically all your skincare and beauty products have some sort of chemical, only the amount differs from one item to another. If someone claims, their products contain zero chemicals, then you ought to know that’s a big fat lie. Technically, even naturally produced beauty items have some sort of chemical reaction. 

But always go for products that list all their ingredients on the label clearly. Learn to read the label too. The ones listed first usually mean that they make up most of the contents. This was something I learned when I was studying in Germany. 

Hence, I opted for The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. See, even the name itself shows the active ingredients used. I actually did a lot of research before starting to use this product because when I was much younger, I’ve tried several peeling products that left me feeling regretful until today. While most of the reviews prove its efficacy, the concern was to find authentic products. You’ll come across a few reviews that warn you of some fakes that are sold in the market. 

The first time I used this blood-red liquid, it kinda stung on the skin a little as the solution started to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the surface. A word of advice, don’t leave it longer than 10 minutes. Just wash off gently with wet cotton pads and you’ll see your skin instantly brightened! Repeat once a week and you’ll start seeing your scars fading over time. 

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I swear this is one of the best products I’ve ever used!

Q: Does serum help to reduce scars?

In my personal experience, yes! What I love about serum is that it is generally lightweight and easy to absorb. So after cleansing and toning, I’d apply a generous amount of serum and massage it into the skin until fully absorbed before applying other products. 

Aah, yes, if you’re asking if a serum is different from essence, you might want to read this article from This might clear some clashes between terminologies used in the ever-evolving and ever-growing beauty industry. I gasped too, reading it! Haha!

Many brands are selling various types of serums to suit different skin needs. As for me, I don’t mind choosing some of the more affordable ones as long as they’re genuine products. At the moment, I enjoy using the BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care Essence. I’ve tried their Hyaluronic Acid but it doesn’t absorb as well as the 24k Gold essence. 

I usually just buy mine at Yubiso for only RM15 per bottle. You’ll probably get cheaper prices when shopping online, however, I’m more particular about the authenticity of the products. 

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It’s affordable and it really works on my skin!

Q: Do I still need to use moisturisers after applying serum?

Yes, because each product does have its own benefits. My choice of moisturiser does not only moisturise but it makes a great makeup base as well. I came across this product while I was buying face masks at one of the lesser-known pharmacies in my neighbourhood. 

It’s none other than Palmer’s Skin Success Anti Dark Spot Fade Cream for All Skin Types. Initially, I thought it would really help to reduce the scars on my face by much, but sadly, it didn’t. Not on its own anyway. But again, it makes an excellent makeup base because it really is not oily at all and my cushion foundation doesn’t get flaky after application. In fact, since I start using this Fade Cream from Palmer’s, I notice that my makeup lasts the entire day. I only need to dab a little pressed powder once or twice just to get rid of the shine. 

I also found other variants for oily and dry skin when Googling about this product online. Sadly, I never saw them at the pharmacy, so I suppose, anything labelled ‘For all skin types’ should be good enough. 

So now you know that Palmer’s products aren’t just limited to mummy stuff, ladies because that is what Palmer’s brand has always been known for among Malaysians. 

Palmer's Fade Cream
(Thank you, Amazon!)
I’ve skipped buying expensive makeup primers after I tried this!

Q: What kind of topical treatment that I can use for my skin?

Ahaa, this is another product that I came to know while I was working for the National Sports Council. Yes, yes, I was a Sports Officer at one point in life. Anyway, I just graduated at that time and I suppose, the university days had not been too kind to my skin. I had crazy breakouts that left scars all over my face. Okay, I admit, sometimes I got so pissed off with the pimples that I’d pop them with one of those steel blackhead extractors. Bad, bad move, ladies! So don’t repeat my mistakes! 

Anyway, one of the senior officers there actually recommended this over the counter topical cream – ELOMET Cream with Mometasone Furoate. He told me that even our national gymnasts used this cream on their faces and body parts to ensure their skin remain flawless. I mean, have you seen Malaysian gymnasts? Heck, they are so beautiful, I even thought of becoming one. But as you can clearly see, I am not, haha! 

You just to remember that this cream is steroid-based, so it should only be applied very, very thinly on the affected areas for about a month or so. You shouldn’t prolong the use as it may have other long-term side effects. Trust me, after a month, you’ll see great results so you can stop and continue treating your skin with something gentler.

At the counter, the pharmacist will ask you if you’d prefer the cream or ointment, opt for the cream.

(Thank you, Shopee!)

Q: Is there anything that I can use while sleeping?

Oh, yes! Use one of those mask sheets when you sleep, every night if possible. As the night time is the best time for the skin to recuperate and regenerate, it’s good if you can help your skin to speed up that process with the right kind of nutrients it needs. 

I have no preference when it comes to mask sheets to use. Whichever brand that runs crazy discounts at Watsons or the Guardian, I just nab them without thinking twice. My favourites are the mask sheets that use essences of aloe vera, tomato and honey. I also don’t object to those with brightening and calming effects like pearl powder and Vitamin C. 

You can leave it on for the entire night, providing that you wake up early enough before the mask dries up completely and leaves temporary lines on your face. In case, like me, you tend to leave for a tad too long, just remove it and massage the face gently in the shower to get rid of the lines.

Yes, you can use one of those washable clay masks or peel-off masks, but they tend to dry the skin a little. So just use it once or twice a week. Honestly, I’ve stopped using the clay mask for quite some time as they can clog the pores when not washed properly. 

Mask sheet for night use
Use a mask sheet every night to help your skin heal faster!

So, feel free to do more research on the products listed above and let me know if you notice any differences after a month. Remember, no good products should show results in such a short period of time. A good set of products should help your skin to heal on its own time. 


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