Castle Unisex Hair Salon

Yes, my hairstylists are DEAF!

In the world of silence, they shine

Hey, peeps! 

If you have followed me for quite some time, you’ll know that I only trust a few people to do my hair. Yes, because my hair is thin and flat, so only a handful of experts are allowed to touch and style it. 

One of my favourite salons is Castle Unisex Hair Salon located in Desa Pandan. I came across this salon by accident when I was living (albeit not permanently) along Jalan Ampang. It was one of those days that I needed to get my hair done for an event and my (former) partner and I drove around our apartment to find a salon. 

Castle Unisex Hair Salon
Castle Unisex Hair Salon in Desa Pandan offers you a unique hairstyling experience!
I believe, I’ve been a regular for the past 4 or 5 years now.

When I stepped into Castle Unisex Hair Salon, I was surprised to know that all of them were in fact deaf. Only one of them could speak, the rest signed. Well, not that I was good at signing anyway. I only knew how to sign ‘thank you’ and ‘not yet’. ‘Thank you’ because it’s standard. While ‘not yet’ because most Malaysians greet people, asking “Have you eaten?” 

And before you start feeling sympathetic towards these people because of their condition, let me assure you, they are just as professional as your hairstylists! Anyway, I’ve become such a big fan of their work that I keep coming back. Especially considering that their salon is just a few minutes away from the City Centre where most of the events take place. 

Castle Unisex Hair Salon
Meet the team at Castle Unisex Hair Salon, from left to right: Intan, Raze and Manis.
My hairstylists are deaf but they make their silent world so colourful!
They do their own hair too!
(Thank you, Castle Unisex Hair Salon!)

Well, I usually come here for hair washes, simple cuts and basic stylings. I’ve never tried permanent perming, colouring or treatment though, but with so many returning customers, so surely their services are equally excellent. I’ve also introduced a few family members and friends here – Amelyn, Hajar, Yanie, Balqis, and Alexandra. They seem to be very happy with the service at Castle Unisex Hair Salon too. 

When my Russian acquaintance, Alexandra came to visit, I took her here!
(Thank you, Castle Unisex Hair Salon!)

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in Malaysia, I haven’t had any time to treat or cut my hair. Hence, the need to double my effort in hair oiling just to ensure my hair does not suffer the stresses of COVID19. 

Read about my hair oiling regime HERE!

I’m just glad, I managed to get a haircut just before the CMCO announced starting Wednesday, 14 October 2020. I usually get a haircut whenever something major happens in life – a breakup, changing careers, moving to a new place, and so on. So, this was taken just before the new hairdo.

Scroll down for the new look!

So let me share some of my best hairstyles by Castle Unisex Hair Salon for your review. Just to clarify, since my hair is naturally straight, so I always opt for something wavy or curly for events.

Not too bad eh, for deaf stylists? In fact, if you must know, some local celebrities come here too!

Castle Unisex Hair Salon
Now we know the secret to their gorgeous hair!
(Thank you, Castle Unisex Hair Salon!)

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Castle Unisex Hair Salon
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(Thank you, Castle Unisex Hair Salon!)


You can see some of your favourite celebrities who are happy with Castle Unisex Hair Salon!
(Thank you, Castle Unisex Hair Salon!)


Paris Ashiqin

So, here’s the new ‘do! Layered the strands and got me some bangs!

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