Halloween Malaysia Cerita Hantu

Hello, Halloween!

Hey, peeps!

Sorry, I’ve been out of the radar for a short while. I just started a new job and I’ve been extremely excited since the first day. I suppose it’s the newbie rush! 

Anyway, last Saturday was Halloween and I’ve got to say, it was quite an interesting Halloween celebration for me. Naturally, since we are still under the Movement Control Order (MCO) lockdown, we did not get to dress up and party like we used to. However, a friend of mine, Hanniz Efni and her team at Best Events Asia organised a Social Media Halloween Contest just to (pumpkin?) spice things up a little. 

For more info on the events they organise, follow them on Facebook!
(Thank you, Best Events Asia!)

And surely, being the immortal (think zombie bride!) Miss Paris Ashiqin, I’d show my support towards friends and come in with a bang! When Hanniz asked me to dress up, the first person who popped into my mind was my Makeup Artist, Tina! 

KL Fashion Week, VIP Weddings and Embassy Receptions – Tina has dolled me up for a lot of major events for the past few years.

Tina and I went way back when she was working for a cosmetic brand at Mid Valley Megamall. After my first amazing encounter with Tina, I usually engaged her to doll me up for my events. 

And here are some of Tina’s Halloween masterpieces! 

Halloween Malaysia Cerita Hantu
This has got to be one of Tina’s best makeup for Halloween! Venom!
(Thank you, Tina Shah!)
And Tina can make the whole flesh would look real!
(Thank you, Tina Shah!)
Even the Devil can look so gorgeous!
(Thank you, Tina Shah!)

Anyway, last Saturday, since I was rushing from the belly dancing class in Damansara back to Setapak where Tina and I live, we didn’t have much time to do a real deal proper spooky makeup, but she managed to get me to look like an old Malay hantu (ghost) who came back after a hit-and-run incident. Now, the ghost is back to seek vengeance! Haha!

If we had more time, surely Tina can make me look more ‘decomposed’!

I swear, making this sort of effort for an event really makes me miss our good old normal – events with lots of fun activities and many, many people to enjoy them with. Alas, let’s just stay vigilant and keep our Social Distancing until it’s safe to go out again. 

Also, if you’d like to watch our Halloween online event brought to you specially by Best Events Asia, you can check out this video

Sorry, I couldn’t embed the video so you guys can click the link shared above!
(Thank you, Best Events Asia!)

Thank you, Tina Shah for the gorgeous makeup and thank you, Hanniz and Best Events Asia for the invitation! See you guys next Halloween!

Paris Ashiqin

I was Poison Ivy on one Halloween thanks to Tina Shah!


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