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When was the last time you pamper yourself?

With the lockdown announced and extended ever so often, we started to feel lethargic and bored. I mean, come on, ladies, when was the last time you had a nice me-time at the spa, enjoying hours of body massage followed by a relaxing facial and woke up to a nice serving of warm herbal tea? 

Honestly, I can’t even recall whether my last spa visit was this year or last year! Yes, it was a long time ago. 

The spas in KL offer some of the best relaxation experiences with great ambience and guaranteed privacy.

My boss and I sometimes talk about missing going to the spas to pamper ourselves, but due to the current pandemic situation, we just have to wait until the spas reopen. 

So one day, I just decided to check out some mobile spa services and I found one that offered quite reasonable packages. I dropped “Best Home Mobile Spa” a text to set an appointment before my Russian class starts on Saturday.

Send in your enquiries via FB: Best Home Mobile Spa

Home Spa 

Also, as part of my own due diligence, I asked the operator if their masseuses were fully vaccinated. The operator confirmed and said that I could check with the masseuse upon arrival, which was exactly what I did when the ‘kakak’ (big sister) came to my house at 9.30 am.

So, I signed up for the ahemmm, slimming massage package for 120 minutes at only RM170! If you ask me, yes, this is a very, very good rate for a home service. Pre-COVID-19, many operators would easily charge you RM100 more for a home service. 

Aaaahhh, imagine me in my air-conditioned room, lying on my tummy, wrapped in only batik sarong. This is the kind of luxury that I’ve missed so much, spending half a day at the spa every month – sometimes twice when I wanted to splurge a little, just to be with my thoughts. 

Oh, yes, this is heaven, ladies!

And here’s my verdict!


Not too bad. I never really liked those masseuses who like to press as hard as they can just to prove that they can massage like a man!

This is a more Balinese-relaxing style. I did ask the ‘kakak’ to feel free to apply more pressure. Well, it was a slimming massage. How else could one ‘break down’ the stubborn fats all over my body right? 

Well, the ‘kakak‘ continues to wear a face mask while massaging me…
I hope the tummy massage can trim my fats before my recording session this coming 25 September 2021!


Yes, I booked for 2 hours. I wish I had asked for another hour of extension or something. When the ‘kakak’ came, she told me that I was her only client.

Ohh, imagine how deep I could sleep while having my body ‘kneaded’ like dough!


Definitely one of the most affordable services I’ve engaged!

RM170 for a home slimming massage is a real steal by KL standards. Probably due to the COVID-19 season, so they can earn through high volume. 

Here are other packages that you might like as well:

👉Head-to-Toe or Prenatal massage package = RM130/ 2 hours

👉Postnatal + FREE baby massage package = RM148/ 2 hours

👉Slimming massage package = RM150/ 2 hours

👉 Additional charges apply depending on your location

📲 Contact: Yeo Pek Wan via Whatsapp: +012-960 2553

Some operators charge separately for foot reflexology, but this was an all-in massage package! Yahoo!


The best kind of body massage in my personal opinion is the type that relaxes you and can put you into deep sleep throughout the session. 

As usual, I had my Netflix on so I wasn’t really into full relaxation mode. I was actually trying to fight off my sleepiness or else, I couldn’t focus in Russian class later, haha!

Will I hire them again?

Remember, feel free to check if your operators or supplier are fully vaccinated or not. Take a break, enjoy some relaxing time for yourself. The pandemic has challenged us mentally and physically (and I’m sure, financially too!), so you deserve this break.



Speaking of cups, I think I’ll order some cupcakes for tea!


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