Post Vaccination: The joy of dining-in

God knows just how happy I was when the Malaysian government announced that those who have completed their vaccination can dine-in at restaurants. 

Yes, I know we record around 20,000 new cases every day for the past few weeks, but the longer we shut businesses down, the more people will get affected financially. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to know what happened when the economy collapses further. Don’t forget, even a country as great as Japan has suffered through the Great Recession which caused many to commit suicide. 

You can say anything you want, but being under lockdown for an extended period can really drive us crazy! Why do you think our netizens are becoming so vicious?

But let’s save sad stories for another post. 

Every time I go to do grocery shopping, I see more people dining in, which I have no issues with. I do however don’t understand parents who bring very, very young children to dine in and then then the restaurants don’t practise actual SOPs. 

But again, let’s save angry stories for another post. 

So, Oliver and I went to One Utama to buy some stuff and decided to have early dinner. What I really wanted so badly since dining in was prohibited months ago? To enjoy a delicious steak fresh from the grill straight onto my plate!

Let’s get our beef on!

It has been a while since I visited One Utama, so we just went to TGI Friday and ordered our dinner. It’s amazing how the pandemic has quickly shifted our service industry to engage more digital facilities to reduce close contact. Sadly my Celcom line was so eff-ed up, I had to wait for Oliver to show me the TGIF e-menu. Bahhhh!

I already knew that I wanted to eat something beefy and grilled, so I ordered the Beef Bacon Crusted Ribs (RM95.90). Of course, since it was our first time going out after months of lockdown, we ordered Fridays Three-for-All appetiser (RM50.90) that came with loaded potato skins, mac & cheese bites, buffalo wings and celery sticks. While Oliver ordered Fridays Signature Chicken (RM31.50)

Ms. Paris and her loaded potato skins!
Yes, enjoying good food is one of those luxuries we’ve missed since the lockdown!

I get it when people mock people like me who’d want to eat out sometimes, thinking that we’re increasing the risk. We understand our risks and we follow the SOPs to the letter as much as we can. Some friends even mock me saying that I should just order in. 

Well, ordering in means your grills will probably become cold upon arrival. Also, I’ve tried it before and I didn’t like how the steam coming from the hot meal kinda ‘soaked’ the meat while on transit. No, I ordered ribs, not beef soup, thank you!

In all honestly, we shouldnt’ve ordered the appetiser, haha! After a while, Oliver and I were full. Probably since I’ve started to cut food for a while since the gyms were not reopening any time soon. Yes, I hate to run around my neighbourhood too, haha! Click HERE for the full TGI Fridays complete e-menu!

Still, it was a great dinner and we’re planning to enjoy ourselves again the coming weekend. I mean, come on, the economy needs to run. Right now, the best way to ensure that our country doesn’t collapse is to continue playing our part as responsible citizens and that includes getting vaccinated as soon as possible so we can achieve herd immunity and reduce the risks of COVID-19. 



Oooooh, why didn’t we go for the Margarita Shaker the other day? (Source: TGI Fridays Malaysia)


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