Bloodletting / Cupping Therapy – My first session ever

You know, I’ve been reading about bloodletting or cupping therapy for years. I mean, being a Muslim and you’ve heard about it as one of the preferred treatments by the Prophet Muhammad himself. So, naturally (and eventually), I’d like to give this a try. 

I’m not the kind of person who gets grossed out easily at the sight of blood. I used to donate blood rather often when I was much, much younger. Yes, that was like 372 years ago. While I was in college at UiTM Arau, I’d participate during all blood donation drives when other girls squirmed at the sight of needles. 

Wet cupping or bloodletting therapy is traditionally believed to relieve pains, remove toxins and regulate blood flow.

So, the other day when I had a massage, I thought of trying cupping next time. Actually, I tried asking an acquaintance of mine, Aina who is a nurse at HUKM to come over and perform cupping for my dad. I guess with all the COVID-19 cases, she doesn’t have the time. 

I Googled and went to Facebook groups and found someone who offers home cupping therapy. I made my appointment and this gentleman, Edy informed me that his wife would be attending to me,

Let the bloodbath begin!

As someone who never tried cupping, of course I was a little concerned about the pain. However, Ell, Edy’s wife who performed the therapy told me it’d be bearable. So, there I was lying on my tummy and wrapped in my sarong, praying for the best, haha! I mean, I’m almost fearless with needles, but I never knew how Ell would make the incisions onto my back. 

Ell makes her preparation before the cupping begins

She explained that she’d make a few incisions at certain points on my back and a couple more on my legs. Before she began, she gave me a simple massage to reduce muscle tension. I guessed she must’ve done this one too many times, she could already tell that I always experience pains around my waist. 

So, what was it like to be ‘punctured’ like a paper? Frigggin’ painful! It was a lot more painful than the time when I got my tattoo done. Ell informed me that the thinner the skin, the more painful it would feel. Strangely, the incision didn’t hurt as much on my legs. 

Ready to get ‘stabbed’?

Probably not your cup of … blood…

Once the incisions were made, Ell started applying the cups on top of them and she told me that she could see blood flowing ‘very beautifully’. Yup, that was her exact description. She said a healthy person’s blood should not flood into the cups too quickly. So my steady flow was a good indicator. 

So many types and sizes….

While the incisions hurt like crazy, the actual bloodletting process didn’t. I barely felt anything when the cups started to suck out the blood. In fact, if anything it was so painless that I didn’t realise some cups on my nape fell off a couple of times. Arrrggghhh, drats! It really stained my pillow. 

Afterwards, Ell showed me some of the solidified blood from the cups. Still not grossed out, but I suppose she managed to get rid of the so-called ‘bad blood’ from my system. 

It’s just a little bit of blood…


Not bad at all!

Again, just to recap, cutting the incisions was painful. I believe I shouted loud enough for Edy (Ell’s husband) to hear me from downstairs. 

The cupping process itself didn’t hurt at all. If you have a low tolerance for pain, you might feel something.

Apparently, this also means that I experience flatulence and toxic buildups.

The price? Apparently, the young couple does not put a price on their service. You may pay whatever amount you feel is fair. In Malay, we literally call it ‘a sincere amount from the heart’. 

Will I call them again? Of course! Ell told me I should consider cupping to reduce the pain in my knees. 


Edy and Ell perform bloodletting cupping therapy for both men and women. 

You can contact them via Facebook or Whatsapp. 

Edy: +6011-1404 4761

Ell: +6018-245 7922

Good luck, peeps!



This was after 2 days of cupping. The marks will disappear after about 7 days.


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