WINDLAB Indoor Skydiving One Utama – Kids can enjoy it too!

Hana and Rayyan’s new adventure!

One Utama has always been one of my favourite malls to go pre-COVID-19. I guess, being the biggest mall in the Klang Valley and possibly in Malaysia, it has a lot to offer. Every time I passed the Air Rider place, I kept telling myself “One day, soon”. 

Nak baca dalam Bahasa Melayu?

By the way, by the time this blog was published, they had rebranded to WINDLAB.

And then COVID-19 happened and a lot of activities had to be suspended due to the risk of exposure. So, when I found out that it has started operating again, I decided to bring Hana Humairah and Rayyan Rizq there. Sorry, Ufra’ ‘Uqayl, 3 years old and above only. You’re only 2!

Hana and Rayyan’s first trip to Windlab Indoor Skydiving, formerly known as Air Rider.

Imagine bringing an 8-yo and a 7-yo to a place that even I have never been to. However, the kids were excited, so I just thought, “Why not?” My only concern before leaving home was, what if Rayyan peed himself during the flight? Sorry, as much as I love Our Little Man, I couldn’t imagine myself scrubbing the whole wind tunnel in shame! 

The adventure begins…

So, come Saturday the kids were all ready and I was in Mummy Mode with a bag of snacks, drinks, sanitisers, extra masks, and wet wipes. My loyal sidekick, Oliver picked us up from home and off we went to One Utama. 

Upon arrival, we registered the kids at WINDLAB and then waited for our turn to attend the briefing. We sat around the wind tunnel and watched other people fly first. Hana and Rayyan had so much fun seeing more experienced flyers right before their eyes. 

Look how excited Hana and Rayyan are!

In fact, while waiting, one of the management guys there (a cute blondie, wink!) came up to us and asked if we’d like to try to. We just joked and said, “Let the kids give it a try to test its safety!” 

He thought I was funny and asked, “So parents do that these days?”

“Oh, yeah! We can always make more (children)!” That was me being funny and adorable.

Anyway, later, the Chief Flight Instructor by the name Kid (apparently his real name is Noor Azree, as stated on the website) attended to Hana and Rayyan. During the briefing, he explained the basic techniques for first-time flyers including how to position the body and legs during the flight. 

After the briefing, it was time to get the kids dressed in their flight suits. It was easier to find a suit for Rayyan because he has always been so skinny. The challenge was Hana since she is taller for someone her age and she does have a more rounded trunk. I think we tried 3 different flight suits on her before finding the right match. We also rented laced-up shoes for better security. 

Our Handsome Boy is getting ready…
Rayyan (left) and Hana – ready for take-off!

I believe I can fly… 

Then, it was time to reach for the sky. Well, at least the indoor sky at One Utama, haha! Hana started first. The instructor, Kid, took her for her first flight. I was busy recording from outside the tunnel. Honestly, it appeared to me that Hana was flying just fine. 

Aaahh, when the girls working here showed me Hana’s photos and videos, they commented that she had a good form for flying!

I was actually more concerned with Rayyan. Surprisingly, between my two sweethearts, he has always been the cry baby who can roll on the floor for attention literally anywhere. Then, I saw Kid guiding him for his first flight. Just as I thought, Rayyan being too skinny, he was not able to hold his body in position. In fact, if anything he looked like a leaf flying in the air, haha!

You are full of surprises, Adik! We were so worried if he peed, but…

Each flight lasted about 50 seconds and then it was Hana’s turn again. This time, Kid brought Hana all the way up and down again swiftly. Wow! That actually looked super exciting for me. Now, Rayyan’s second turn. He looked like he could fly better now, albeit still unable to hold on to the right position. 

When Kid signalled if I wanted to allow the kids to take another flight, I just gave him the green light. Oh, honey, I’m so cool like this, I just pay for it! Surprisingly Hana didn’t want to go for a third flight. In fact, it was Rayyan who asked to fly again. My, my,… my boy surprised me there! 

Seriously, this photo makes me want to book a session myself!

Then Oliver came up to me and told me that he noticed Hana was slightly shaken up after the second flight. Aaahh, so he was right. Hana came out crying. Oh, my poor baby! I gave her a hug and asked her what happened. I know I’d burn in hell for laughing but she said the most adorable thing, “I didn’t want to be a bird!” Haha!

So, that was our cue to bring the kids for lunch and then shopping.

Oh, my poor baby!

Tips for First-time Flyers

Anyway, if you’re interested in giving WINDLAB a try, here are some useful insights before taking the plunge!

  1. Each flyer is required to buy an individual package of at least 2 flights starting from RM99 per pax. For more packages, check HERE
  2. Any additional flight will be charged RM35 per flight of 50 seconds. 
  3. Each flyer needs to dress up in comfortable clothing so you can easily put on the flight suit. I purposely came that day in my kaftan so I wouldn’t be tempted to fly as well, haha!
  4. Wear laced up running shoes for safety. My heels would probably fly off and hit the instructor’s head, haha!
  5. When booking for your flight, come about an hour earlier as you will need to attend a briefing and change into your flight suit. We decided to go before lunch so the kids wouldn’t puke while flying. Again, I’m not going to scrub the wind tunnel in shame!
  6. Great news, kids aged 3 and above are allowed to fly. So, now you know we couldn’t bring Baby Kyle because he just turned 2 on October 2, 2021, haha! If you’re concerned, prep your younger offspring with diapers like I did with Rayyan. 
  7. Also, if you’d like to purchase photos and videos, that would be an additional charge. I believe it was RM45 for photos and RM90 for videos. But the personnel was nice. She asked me to check the quality of the multimedia first before purchasing them. Very good customer service!
  8. Finally, enjoy your flight!

Got more questions? Contact WINDLAB via email or Whatsapp HERE. Don’t forget to follow WINDLAB on Social Media too!

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