Just another day in my life…

So here’s what happened when I took the LRT today.

Before you proceed to read this, take a deep breath and keep an open mind. This is NOT a place for angry netizens and online trolls. This is just an entry based on my personal experience.

I saw a girl, rather chubby sitting at the end of a five-seater. On the other end, a couple sat. The girl sitting at the end, and her boyfriend sat next to her.

Then I saw two skinny girls hopping on and one of them sat next to the chubby girl. And the other one couldn’t.


I take the LRT on a daily basis…

Because the chubby girl has taken a bit of space from the seat next to hers.

So, why couldn’t 2 skinny girls fit into the one and a half seat?

They could! Thanks to their petite sizes. But they actually had to squeeze into the seats because Chubby there took one and a half of the seats.

So here’s a thought!

Should the LRT offer coaches with bigger seats or should Malaysians start to go back and exercise to avoid obesity?

Before you think I’m here to body-shame anybody, honey, I’ve been body-shamed plenty of times myself. And this is not something I’d like to do to other people.

There are 2 issues that we need to look at.

Firstly, what is happening to Malaysia? Why do people get fatter and fatter? To date, 51% of Malaysian adults above the age of 18 are obese. It gets worse. 14.8% of children between the ages of 5 and 17 are also showing signs of obesity due to poor lifestyle choices.

So, what are we doing about this?

Secondly, if this had happened on a flight, that chubby passenger would’ve gone viral with people telling her to buy two seats for her own comfort. You may read this news LINK.

But this is the LRT! Most of us use monthly cards to use the service. So, how do we get a bigger-sized passenger to pay for two seats?

So the solution is, let’s go back to Issue No 1. Why is Malaysia now No. 1 in Southeast Asia when it comes to obesity? Not something we ought to be proud of!

But I leave it to you to think about it.

We all have our opinions, and how we want to live our lives.




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