Chickita Malaysia di Pavilion Damansara Heights

Chickita flame-grilled chicken! Just when I’m in dire need of more protein!

Hungry go where? Hungry go eat, I always say!


I know it has been a while since I updated Hey, It’s Paris Blog, but tralaaa, I’m back and also excited to write more actively like I used to. 

Anyway, an old friend, Isz Yusliza, the editor of KL Hype, recently invited me to join her at a food review. So, I thought, why not? It has been a while! And I have been forcing myself to increase my protein intake anyway, now that I’m old and working out will be more challenging, haha!

So there we were at Pavilion Damansara Heights, one of the newer luxury malls in Kuala Lumpur searching for Chickita restaurant. At one glance, I’m sure Malaysians would easily make an easy comparison to another flame-grilled chicken brand. You know which one, so I don’t have to write it here, haha!

Welcome to Chickita Malaysia!

We were welcomed by the PR team and the Director of Simple Bites Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia, Charles Chan, all excited to introduce us to the culinary wonderland brought to our Malaysian shores by founder Chef Asif Mehrudeen, an Australian national based in Vietnam with his beautiful family where they first launched Chickita. 

Your friendly Chickita Malaysia neighbours!
Chef Asif shares his story establishing Chickita as the next favourite restaurant for food lovers.

Isz and I were quite lucky to arrive just before the lunch crowd gathered. So, we had time to record some silly videos and later, enjoy the food. 

Thank you, Isz of KL Hype for helping me with the photos & videos!

Ready for my honest review?

Let’s start with the main attraction – flame-grilled chicken!

I was impressed to hear that Chickita marinates their chicken dishes for 24 hours in carefully selected herbs and spices to ensure full flavours inside out, while retaining the tender texture of the meat. 

I definitely need to come back for another taste!

The trick is, I was informed, to try the chicken first on its own. Then, you try any (or all) of the 6 exclusive sauces and pick your favourite. Being somewhat used to the other, ahemmm, flame-grilled chicken place, I have a habit of mixing the sauces. And I believe, the Dynamite Chickita (extremely hot), Chickita Tropical (mango citrus) and Tamarita (hot tamarind) made the best combo. So, feel free to explore and experiment to find the best concoction for your taste buds. 

I promise you, no regret! These are my favourite combo!

Also, did you know that at Chickita Vietnam, there are other options for sauce too! Gasps Check them out HERE!

Anything you’d like to add?

Naturally, lunch wouldn’t be complete without a selection of side dishes. We were spoilt with choices while we were there. At this age, I’m trying my best to reduce my calorie intake, haha! So, I opted for the coleslaw, garden salad and wok vegetables. 

And here’s one of the best surprises! Charles asked us to give this side dish a try. They looked like croutons. Once I started popping them into my mouth, I was somewhat torn. I couldn’t tell if they were made of sweet potatoes or potatoes or something. 3 guesses and I was wrong! So, Charles revealed that they were in fact made of yam! Oh, wow! I never thought yam could taste so good! That’s a 5-star menu right there! I’ll post the videos on my Instagram and TikTok soon!

Perhaps this weekend I can buy some yams and experiment with my air fryer!

Chef Asif also insisted that I try their flavourful Vietnamese-style chicken rice. I was already so full and besides, I needed to cut rice (and other types of carbs) from my diet. Oh, well, I finally relented and tried a spoonful. Not bad! I can imagine myself enjoying it on a cheat day, haha!

And the finale!

Ahaaa, they incorporated our beloved ‘ais krim potong’ (a Malaysian ice cream – literally translated into ‘cut ice-cream) into their desserts. Each table was served a different type of ice cream. So I think we were served the Butterfly Frozen Pea Smoothie. Not quite as blue as we imagined but delicious nevertheless. There goes my week-long cardio, ladies!

So, all in all, you’ll love the dining experience here especially if you come in a group whether with family, friends, or colleagues. 

Dining is always a good experience to share with your loved ones!

Here’s a thought, since Chickita sounds like the Spanish word ‘chiquita’ for ‘small’, commonly used as an affectionate term for daughters or girlfriends, maybe you can be a little cheeky (get it?) with your friends. Get them to try each sauce and make them guess which is which. Wouldn’t that be fun? 

Chickita… Chiquita …. haha, got me thinking about a cheeky nickname a former Spanish fling gave me – Las Pequeñitas! Don’t ask!

Read Chickita Malaysia’s press release HERE!

See you next time!




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