Chickita Flame-Grilled Chicken Opens its First Outlet in Malaysia


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  • The second country in Southeast Asia after Vietnam opens in Pavilion Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
  • Signature flame-grilled chicken recipes, Asian-inspired sauces and Malaysian Ice Cream Popsicle make up the menu

Kuala Lumpur, 5th February 2024 – If you are always on the lookout for a delightful dining experience, your search is over! Get ready to indulge in a feast of the freshest and most irresistible eatery coming your way this year! Here is the showstopper: Chickita, the sensational Asian-inspired flame-grilled chicken wonder that stole the spotlight in Vietnam in 2019, is opening its first outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion Damansara Heights.

Chickita, a haven for foodies seeking lively, freshness, and a dash of healthy indulgence, is not an ordinary restaurant, it is a lifestyle dining destination. Nestled in Damansara Heights, a residential suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Chickita is the brainchild of Australian culinary maestro Asif Mehrudeen and his wife Eva. Together, they’ve crafted a dining experience that seamlessly blends locally sourced, fresh ingredients with the nostalgic, Asian-inspired flavours that Asif cherishes from his 20-year culinary journey through Southeast Asia.

Brought to you by Simple Bites Sdn Bhd Malaysia, Charles Chan, Director, has this to add, “Malaysians simply love chicken and we truly believe that what Chickita is bringing to the table by emphasising fresh local ingredients with Asian flavours that are suited to our local palette is a definite game changer.”

“‘COME TOGETHER FOR CHICKEN’ is the essence of Chickita’s mantra, celebrating community, communal dining, and the spirit of togetherness deeply ingrained in our Asian culture,” he continued. But Chickita is more than just about chicken; it’s a symphony of flavours featuring an array of burgers, wraps, and wings – all brought to life through flame-grilled cooking.

Speaking of flame-grilling, Chickita unveils the secret behind its mouthwatering dishes. This carefully researched cooking method ensures each piece of chicken is perfectly tender and infused with naturally smoky flavours. It’s an art, a dedication to the craft that elevates the dining experience at Chickita.

Adding the perfect harmony to these flame-grilled delights are six of Chickita’s signature sauces. Featuring flavours like the original lemongrass-infused blend, Tamarita’s hot tamarind twist, and the well-loved Sexy sauce with roasted red chillies, it caters to local taste buds by incorporating familiar Asian ingredients. This sauce lineup reflects Chickita’s commitment to crafting flavoursome and culturally resonant options for a truly unique dining experience.

But Chickita doesn’t stop at savoury delights, it introduces a sweet twist with a nod to Malaysian heritage – the Ice Cream Potong. A timeless favourite reimagined by Chickita, it combines the iconic ice cream potong with innovative flavours like A Classic Twist, Butterfly Frozen Pea Smoothie, and Vanilla Dreams.

As Chickita flings open its doors at Pavilion Damansara Height, Chickita invites you to step into a world where every bite tells a story and every flavour is a celebration. Enjoy the official opening weekend promotion, with every purchase of 1 whole chicken & 4 sides, get free Quesadilla and 2 Ice Blended Lemon Teas. Also an Ang Pao of RM 10 cash voucher with every purchase worth RM100 on a single receipt [all promotions valid from 1 – 29 February].

About Chickita:

Chickita, born from the culinary passion of Asif Mehrudeen and his partner Eva, is an Asian-inspired flame-grilled haven that first gained acclaim in Vietnam in 2019. Now, Chickita is set to blaze a trail in Malaysia with its grand opening at Pavilion Damansara Height. More than just a restaurant, Chickita is a lifestyle destination where simplicity, freshness, and a touch of healthy indulgence converge. With focuses on community, communal dining, and the spirit of togetherness ingrained in Asian culture, Chickita offers a symphony of flavours through its flame-grilled delights and signature sauces. For more information, please visit: or follow their social media:


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