Cozzyland Reflexology & Family Spa

What? A 2-hour massage for RM98 at Cozzyland?!

Oh, how I’ve missed a good massage!

If you’ve known me for years, you’d know that I’m constantly hunting for a nice massage spa from time to time. For me, the joy of lying down on my tummy and later, my back and having someone rubbing and kneading my whole body is one of the most unselfish things I can afford for my hardworking body, haha!

Looking back, I think I started going for massages during my university years because a friend’s mother-in-law owned a spa close to my home and I used to go to support her business. I became a regular at one point that I too started calling the spa owner ‘Mama’. 

If you can’t find time to pamper yourself, make the time!

Then, when I was a journalist, a friend from TV3, Yanie used to live nearby and she would kidnap me from time to time to go for a foot rub after work. Trust me, the life of a journalist could be very hectic, so selfish acts of little pleasures would be a great way to end the day. 

Also, I had a much older boyfriend that time who’d take me to dinners and foot rubs at least once a week. One of the perks of having an old boyfriend is the money, ladies, haha! If I had stayed with him, I’d have been a Datin now!

A good massage can do wonders for the body.

So, these days, I’d try to go for a nice full-body massage once a month (or when I can afford it, now that I’m a full-time freelancer, haha!) while exploring new spas within the Klang Valley area. 

Welcome to Cozzyland Reflexology & Family Spa, Kota Damansara!

Just a while ago, my bestie/ex (can we call him Bestiex?)Oliver told me about this spa around Kota Damansara that offered 2-hour massages for only RM98. The spa is called Cozzyland Reflexology & Family Spa. Trust me, if Kota Damansara is near where I live, I’d have probably gone much sooner. So, one day after a job interview at TTDI, I thought, why not? 

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see the options – Thai, Balinese and Malaysian massages. Ahaaaa, and yes, RM98 for a 2-hour session. Who wouldn’t go for it? Confirmed and paid – 2 hours of a Balinese massage! Woot woot!

Whatttt? RM98 for a 2-hour massage??

I was assigned my masseuse, a lady who was a little bigger than me (in size, not in height), so I assumed she’d have the strength to really roll my body into mush if she wanted to, haha! 

First, let’s wash the feet with warm water. Next, let’s go upstairs to one of the private rooms for our session. 

Ready for my honest review?

In all honesty, it was not the best Balinese massage I’ve had. If I had to give my honest review, either she was mixing the Thai techniques into the Balinese massage or she just broke up with her boyfriend or something and unfortunately, I just so happened to be there, haha!

Perhaps next time, I’ll ask for another masseuse, haha!

I came home feeling rather unsatisfied and went to bed with sores on my back. The next day, I started seeing bruises too. Oliver promised me, the sore would subside in 2 days. I suppose I didn’t share the same experience. I even laughed about it with a date who’s lived in Bali for years. He even commented, “That was not Balinese massage, hon!” To which, I somewhat agreed. 

I won’t entirely cross out this spa because I’ve been to many massage parlours in KL and Selangor. Most of the time, it’s just pure luck if you get a good masseuse! And sometimes, oh well, lady luck is just not on your side, haha!

I desperately need a very good Balinese massage to write about, haha!

So, perhaps next time, if I’m ever around, I’d try the Malaysian massage and tell the masseuse to go easy on my body. Going to the gym almost every day and walking extensively daily, I think my body needs more chillaxing therapies than being treated like a ‘roti canai’, haha!

If you know any nice place that offers a nice Balinese massage, please let me know in the comment section. I’d be more than happy to give it a try if it’s within my poor woman’s budget, haha! 

Explore Cozzyland yourself!

Cozzyland Reflexology & Family Spa

Address: 47 Jalan PJU 5/20 The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Telephone: +603-6150 3615



If you’re taking public transportation, the closest train station is MRT Surian. If it’s a warm sunny day, I think the walk is less than 1km. But if you’re feeling lazy, you may book an e-hailing service to the above address.

See you!



p/s- I kind of miss the massage parlour I went to in Langkawi when I was enjoying a short vacation with a certain Spaniard, haha!

Aaahh, bliss….


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