Oh, my Hunger Games Valentine 2024!

I swear, I am glad that this hormonally-charged day is over for 2024! 

Valentine’s Day can be a high-pressure event for both singletons and couples. Imagine the stresses that come with it every year. 

The Valentine’s Day spending in the US in 2024 is estimated to be around USD26 billion! (Info Source: Statista)

For the couples, whether you’re in a relationship or married, imagine the desire to top off last year’s gift, haha! I honestly do not envy you. 

As for the rest of us singletons, oh, well, either we’re eager to find a date or we hang out with our friends. 

Enjoying my single years with friends can be so much fun! FREEDOM!!!

My Funny Valentine

Sadly for yours truly, Valentine’s Day this year fell on a working day, just as most of us are returning to work after the Chinese New Year break or still on a long break with the kids. So, no ‘lepak’ session with my friends, haha!

Online dating used to be so much fun a few years ago! People were genuinely matching to date and get to know other people.

Before you think that I’m some sad and dateless woman, I actually had offers from 3 very young men I’ve matched with on Bumble. Let’s call them ‘Tributes’, haha, and turn this story into a Hunger Games homage. 

So, let’s get to know our Tributes!

May the odds be ever in your favour …. (Photo Source: My Book Show)

Tribute J from District U

Looks? Not bad. Clean cut, I like! Age, very young, he’s only 29! 

Tribute J actually responded to my message with respect, a good start with Ms. Paris, FYI. 

Then, he asked if I’d like to be his Valentine.

Will you be my Valentine?

To be honest, I was still feeling lethargic after finishing a business proposal and 3 articles overnight. Naturally, I was not really in the mood to plan a date. 

But when the conversation turned into something a bit icky, that was my cue to exit. Sorry, Tribute J, being young is not an excuse to be … icky. So, I just told him to keep swiping.

Tribute R from District E

The next tribute is 30 years old. Looks, not bad. What makes him appealing for me to swipe right was the fact that he doesn’t drink nor smoke. Aaah, I love me a good, healthy and clean man. 

We initially planned to have coffee. For me, a coffee date is always a perfect start. You can chat and see how the vibe goes, whether there’s chemistry or not. 

A polite chat online and a nice coffee date can spark into something more!

Then, Tribute R made a huge mistake by insisting that I come over for dinner instead of the initially agreed-upon coffee date. I replied and said, we could always go for coffee first. 

His response was probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard on Valentine’s Day – that he wanted to make sure that I was ‘loved and cuddled’ on this special day. Oh, no, no, no, honey! You don’t say that to Ms. Paris!

Then, he started making comments about my body and how it turned him on, how he just wanted to have sex with me. Okay, RED FLAG! So, I just ignored him. 

He did text again later, but sorry, I think I’ve met my ‘stupid quota of the week’. Thanks for playing, Tribute R! Did I mention that his English was atrocious? Haha!

When evolution sometimes skips some of us …

Tribute L from District I

31 years old, decent looking. He was quite polite during his conversation. Naturally after 2 lousy attempts from the earlier 2 tributes, I’ve just lost all appetite to doll up and have fun on Valentine’s Day. 

I apologised to Tribute L and told him that I’ve already made plans to finish some work and head out to the gym. He was actually quite nice about it. He said, he was travelling back and would be happy if I’d consider visiting him. Or, maybe whenever he travels back to KL, because he’d love to have coffee with me. 

This has got to be one of the best movie franchises ever! (Photo Source: Wallpapers.com)

Am I the only single woman in Malaysia?

I honestly have no idea why most men think single women my age are desperate to date on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. I’m actually okay being single. Besides, if I had jumped head first with any of those tributes, imagine the sequel of this Hunger Games movie – Catching Fire! And I do mean, syphilis! Haha!

There’s nothing wrong with being single … especially when you have a fabulous life like Ms. Paris!

All things considered, it came as no surprise seeing this post published by Seasia Stats that Malaysia ranks 3rd highest number of singletons in Southeast Asia. So, 44.68% of Malaysians are single, so what?

If you’re feeling extra curious to see the database that UN populated, you can use this tool they provided online to check the most recent statistics. 40% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 are single – unmarried, divorced, widowed, all lumped together under the seemingly dreaded category.

Sometimes, love is just lost ….

I’ve said this to friends and I’ll say it again here – DO NOT romanticise the idea of marriage as an accomplishment because it is not. It is a commitment that both parties must contribute to ensure its success. When I say contribute, I really mean CONTRIBUTE – responsibilities, daily chores, finances, emotions, everything. 

While many people I know are lucky to enjoy a happy marriage, I’m also seeing a growing number of unsuccessful ones. The most common reasons are cheating and financial difficulties. Honestly, I’m not surprised. I’ve seen friends with failed marriages citing the very same reasons. I’ve seen women at the Syariah Court highlighting these two reasons as grounds for divorce. 

To be or not to be … married?

I used to dream of a simple garden wedding with a special someone because green is my favourite colour!

I’m not against the idea of marriage. Even the most cynical guy I dated a while ago, suddenly came back into the picture confessing that he actually wanted to get married. He hinted that he and I may end up together. Sounds ideal? Well, had you seen his track records, you’d be on my side when I say my verdict is “Pass!”

Even a cynic dreams of being with someone … Perak Trip 2022

So, imagine the idea of Ms. Paris being married to someone… Cute! Even my niece, Nai said, “Auntie, I always imagine that you’d migrate somewhere and settle down”. The migration part I like, the settling down part, well, I like that too. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow old together?

To wake up to the same face for the rest of my life? To roll in bed with the same man till death do us part? To enjoy morning coffee and afternoon tea together every day? To talk about everything and to argue and laugh over silly little things?

To perhaps share a child who’ll grow up to be a Little Miss Paris? 

Imagine if I had taken Dr. Matze’s offer to be my Baby Daddy, I’d probably have a Little Miss Paris who looks like this!

Now wouldn’t that be a beautiful commitment when shared with the right person?

Wait, what did President Snow say?

“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous”.

From the brilliant mind of Suzanne Collins



p/s- Now, which of my hot and loving ex-boyfriends will get divorced first?

Are you looking for LOVE? I am, just not this year! Haha!


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