Fantastic Praying Facilities at KL & Selangor Malls

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Aah, as I grow older, I somehow find my journey to find Allah so much easier. When I was younger, trust me, I was not a very nice Muslim woman, haha! Not that I am a good one today, but alhamdulillah, I get better. I noticed that praying, for example, has become so much simpler to perform even when I’m not at home nor the office. 

So, whenever I’m working or hanging out at some of my favourite malls, I enjoy exploring their praying facilities (musolla/surau). My frequent spots are scattered from Setapak/Wangsa Maju area where I live all the way to KL Sentral/Bangsar and Petaling Jaya/Damansara. Sometimes, I’d travel to the Sunway area too. 

Alhamdulillah, I’ve started my journey closer to Allah…

Keep in mind, that this is just a piece based on my observation. Do not politicise things unnecessarily!

My favourite praying facilities at malls

To date, the most beautiful surau I’ve prayed at is the one at Starhill Gallery. Masya-Allah, now that is a surau that goes well with the image of the high-end mall targeting big money. In fact, every time I have events or meetings to attend around Bukit Bintang area, I’d make my way to the surau there for my prayer. 

Even when I have a meeting at Pavilion KL, I’d still cross the street to go to Starhill Gallery. Haha, why you might wonder? Have you seen the surau at Pavilion KL? The narrow walkway to the surau and the small praying area, not quite what I had imagined for such a prestigious mall. 

One of my favourite places to pray, the Starhill Gallery, Masya-Allah!

Then, there’s surau at Mid Valley Megamall. Oh, my Allah! I have to admit, despite the location which is actually inside the food court, this has got to be one of the cleanest and most refreshing praying facilities ever, thanks to efficient air conditioning and ventilation. You won’t even smell food or anything off – because the bathroom is also right next to it! 

There is another surau closer to the GSC Cinemas side of the mall, but I still prefer the one at the food court. Besides, the former is also closer to Celebrity Fitness, which I frequent with my office husband, Mr. Wong, haha!

I love the surau here – a nice place to pray and read the Quran! Then, I can always scoot over next door to eat or work out. (Source: The Edge Malaysia)

The surau at Suria KLCC is almost as nice. It’s clean and it provides sufficient praying attires and mats for those who need them. The only drawback is the crowd. Naturally, it is expected considering the super high traffic at one of the most prominent commercial and tourist hotspots in Malaysia. 

Never cease to amaze me … Perhaps next time, I can pray at the KLCC Mosque too!

I also like the surau at Nu Sentral Mall. Of course, since there is another Celebrity Fitness branch there. It is spacious and clean. However, I must advise you to be extra careful in the surau because some of the wooden tiles are somewhat worn and if you take the wrong step, the tiles might flip and you’d lose balance. 

Not high on my favourite list …

As much fun as I have right now writing this blog, the real reason behind this piece is to highlight some things that have been happening at public praying facilities. These incidents were something I’ve discussed with a fellow PR Girl, Effie – an old acquaintance that I’ve reconnected with recently. 

We had a long dinner just to discuss some unpleasant behaviours we noticed happening at public surau’s. The most annoying thing is always a group of women chatting and laughing loudly. Urgh!

Instead of chatting, why don’t we recite our favourite verses, ladies?

Then, there’s the type who answers their phone and speaks loudly too. Another type would be the mothers and their noisy children. While I think it’s a nice gesture to give children early exposure to religious practices, sometimes, children are just children and we cannot expect them to be on their best behaviour at all times. 

Of course, while the facility is a public asset that is meant for public use, we also need to practise empathy towards one another. Particularly when the facilities are limited in terms of space for praying. The Maghrib prayer for example has such a short window. Therefore, I don’t understand why some people just don’t perform their prayers and leave the surau for others to perform theirs too. 

I pray for forgiveness, happiness, health and blessing…

I’m sure there’s plenty of time to perform your Isyak and should you want to spend some time reciting your dzikir and reading the Quran, you can do so other than during Maghrib. I’m sure, people will be very grateful. 

Also, last but not least, please, please, please, keep the surau clean – from food stains and crumbles, dirty strollers, and whatever that can compromise the cleanliness of the praying area.

Again, this is just my personal observation. No need to get your panties in a bunch over this, haha!

See you!



My daily surahs include Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqiah and Al-Mulk…


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