Lavender tea – Enjoy its health and beauty benefits one sip at a time!

I’m a big fan of coffee and honestly, an even bigger fan of tea! One time, my #bestiex (best friend + ex-boyfriend), yes, let’s call Oliver that, and I actually wanted to stop at a Middle Eastern restaurant we love just to enjoy their Adani milk tea. 

At home, I make sure my magic box of tea is filled with options for me to quickly steep – chamomile, rose buds, jasmine, and peppermint, on top of the regular black and green tea. 

When you have period pains …

So, recently I had one of the most uncomfortable period experiences. I mean, just when I thought at this age, period wouldn’t be bothering me much, I guess I was wrong. I experienced some discomfort in the abdominal area and some joint pains.

Usually, on a good day, I can still go for a nice run at the gym despite raising the Japanese flag high.

I don’t know who started the rumour that period pain doesn’t happen when you’re older, but I’d like to give that person a kick in the butt, haha!

I thought of making some hot tea to soothe my symptoms. I checked online and read that lavender tea is good for easing menstrual pains. I went to the kitchen and yay, I still have a packet of dried lavender bought at a Middle Eastern shop. 

Lavender is the common name for Lavandula, a genus of 47 known species of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yes, when you live around Setapak/Gombak area, we have a plethora of Middle Eastern establishments. Always fun to shop for imported goods!

It’s cheap too! Only RM8 per packet!

Nothing a hot cup of tea can’t do …

Half a big pot of hot lavender tea later, I felt a little better that I could just go back upstairs to finish some assignments. So, throughout my last period, I’ve been switching my daily coffee to lavender tea. 

I’m not saying it works like magic, just to express that it did help to alleviate some menstrual pains. So, I’ve been doing a bit of online reading and found these articles that support lavender tea’s benefits for menstrual symptoms and other health and wellness-related things that will interest you. 

I only had to steep it for 10 minutes or so.
Just remove the dried lavender and add a bit of honey to flavour, if you want to.

Read more on the benefits of lavender tea for wellness and beauty

According to Teadrops, here are 10 benefits of lavender tea:

  1. Better sleep
  2. Ease menstrual pain
  3. Protect skin from fungal infections
  4. Balance your immune system
  5. Digestive system support
  6. Improve respiratory health
  7. Ease anxiety symptoms
  8. Would healing
  9. Promote hair growth
  10. Migraine pain relief
I also use lavender oil for my face and hair.

Lavender for beauty addicts…

If you, like me are a beauty addict but unwilling to splurge excessively on beauty items, did you know that lavender tea also has some beauty benefits for our skin?

The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company published how lavender tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Now wouldn’t that be good for some of us who still suffer from adult acne – i.e., ME!

Fitelo published that lavender tea can help to lower blood pressure and promote weight loss! Woot woot! Now isn’t that another good news for us, ladies?

Enjoy lavender tea and its benefits one sip at a time, ladies!

So, ladies, it’s time to stock up your magic tea box at home for those rainy days! No, I’m not mocking your heavy period, haha! I actually love a good cup of hot tea when it rains heavily and this is, well, Malaysia, where it rains whether the weather forecasts it or not, haha!

See you!



Thank God for lavender tea!


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